Why Mox Lab

Our big passion is to solve problems through innovative and high-level technologies.

Never as in recent years, technological innovation is having an extraordinary impact on our daily habits, on our lives and, above all, on our work. For companies, this is a phase full of opportunities for growing.

Mox Lab builds its professionalism and its mission, on the ability to propose the best software and hardware solutions customized on the basis of specific needs, with the aim of increasing the value of your company and realizing the success of your business.

soluzioni software e hardware su misura

System Integration, image processing, innovation, technological scouting, new solution development, these are just some of the challanges we face every day to give our customers new added value through technology application.

Our Values

We transform your ideas into a software and/or hardware solution, providing 360 consultancy to meet your needs and those of your business. The choice of customized IT tools can really make the difference in terms of productivity and optimization of work processes.
Here are our values:

The customer

The customer At the heart of each of our projects is the customer’s needs


We focus on achieving concrete and performing results to give value to your company.


We seek solutions through innovative and high-level technologies.


We analyse and design solutions in a completely customized way according to the need.



Image Processing

Image Processing

  • Control and measuring systems

  • Production compliance

  • On line and Laboratory Systems

  • Commercial solution integration and Development

  • Proprietary Hardware and Software solutions


System control

System control

  • Identification, marking and production tracking

  • Production reporting

  • PLC control and programming

  • Interaction between control systems and line PLC


Building Automation

IOT and Building Automation

  • Access control systems, both in the Home and Industry sectors.

  • Mobile Remote control enabling systems

  • Access Enabling and tracking