Are you looking for something different from Standard solutions?

When standardized solutions are not enough, you need a project designed to your needs.

Every company we meet, gives us the opportunity to always improve and allow us to grow by developing a constant research, made of experimentation and continuous discoveries.

We analyze and design solutions in a completely custom and independent way.

That’s why Mox Lab is for you! We always focus on the customer’s objectives and not on the technology that we have to sell at any cost. Only in this way, you can start building a really effective solution, modelled on customer specific needs. This vision leads us to go deeply on the customer’s needs and make them our own, looking for and implementing the solution we consider the best, sharing all the development steps and phases.


soluzioni personalizzate tecnologia mox lab


able to become a technological partner for your company?

Basing on our vision and on the problem we want to solve, we work every day with a direct and agile approach, putting at your disposal our knowledge and our skills in the various areas of Information and Communication Technology.


Our team is made up of partners and collaborators with great experience in ICT and automation companies both in national and international context.

We work with passion in a team composed of computer engineers and experts with various specializations.

We believe that professionalism, dynamism and flexibility are the key words to build a credible and successful partnership and to face and solve the specific problems of our customers’ projects, with adequate and competitive costs.

We collaborate in a constructive and proactive way using up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies. We are the right partner for your business.

Are you looking for a tailor-made solution?